Anonymous Encrypted P2P File Transfers


Utilizing pure p2p connections for communication means no server, no trace.


Ricochet It was built with your privacy in mind. No user accounts, no sign up, no snooping.


AES encryption in combination with a number of p2p and privacy-centric protocols means your transfers are never at risk.

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Enjoy p2p sharing of files and secure text up to 1GB between your desktop and mobile device.


Forget typing in long, confusing URLs or copying links. A simple 4 digit PIN is all you need to send and receive.


We value your privacy so we built Ricochet It to work completely both online and offline. Perfect for Enterprise!

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Desktop/Mobile Transfers

Your files where need them

With our free desktop app, transfer unlimited files and text over p2p. Unlimited file size transfers between desktops and up to 1GB on mobile. Download the beta now!


No Uploading, No Downloading

Pure P2P Technology

Remember when Skype used to be good? Well we do, and we are tired of uploading our private data to servers all over the world. We never upload your data to a server, never scan your files, or monitor your usage.


One Time Use PINs

No more confusing long links

Ricochet It uses 4 digit PINs to transfer your data from device to device. Choose a file to send and Ricochet It will generate a one time use 4 digit PIN for you to share with a friend or colleague. Secure and simple.